Bike Maryland's Accomplishments

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Bike Maryland is the nonprofit organization that has been instrumental in improving bicycling conditions and protecting the rights of bicyclists across Maryland. Thanks to the support of our members, what we've accomplished and continue to do is truly remarkable:

  • Active presence at the State General Assembly promoting and supporting pro-bicycle legislation - resulting in the passage of six state pro-bike bills
  • Successfully worked to defeat non-pro bicycle legislation  
  • Passage of the three foot passing rule
  • Provide support to legislate texting and use of a hand-held cell phone while driving as a primary offense
  • In partnership with MDOT, develop police enforcement video to educate all Maryland police on bicycle safety, legislation and enforcement.
  • Passage of the manslaughter bill - now there are higher penalties and potential jail time for drivers who cause fatalities
  • Revive the State Bicycle Caucus
  • Promote bond bill to fund safety and bikeshare
  • Hosting dozens of free Bike Friendly Maryland university, business and community workshops to promote bike-ability
  • Bus racks on buses
  • Increasing the number of bicyclists (i.e. Baltimore City bike counts - from 2009 to 2012 increased by 50%)
  • Host Annual State Bike Symposium
  • Successfully introduce and pass local  pro-bike legislation (i.e. resolution resulting in active Baltimore County County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission; adoption of complete streets and bicycle parking in Baltimore County).
  • Co-host dozens of free educational workshops with incredible guest speakers
  • Bike Maryland Bike-MINDED Safety Program now educates 10,000 youth and adults annually
  • Your advocates toward increased motorist education and awareness - advocate on state bicycle safety commiission.
  • Achievement of a League Bike Friendly Ranking of #11 in the U.S.!
  • Host Tour du Port, Larry's Ride and the Rec Ride
  • We are the Voice of Maryland's Bicyclists and much more!

Additionally, Bike Maryland continues to promote a hearty legislative agenda includes the following legislative priorities:

  • Strengthen passing legislation by requiring motorists to pass cyclists safely, including a combination of: Slowing        Down: perhaps to within 15 mph of the speed of the cyclist; Moving Left: to allow three feet to pass; Crossing a Solid Line: when it is safe to do so (applies to any slow-moving vehicle); Waiting: until it is safe to pass and allow three feet of clearance
  • Dedicated funding for bicycling/complete streets/drivers education - requiring a dedicated percentage of transportation funds to be used to enhance and increase the number of bicycling lanes and paths, improve signage relating to bicyclists’ use of the roads and three feet to pass, and to implement plans for cycling infrastructure already included in the State’s Master Plan.

               • Driver competency through the life cycle – renewal testing.
               • 24 hour trail access for bicyclists for commuting purposes and more
               • University Facility Plans – Bicycle Inclusion
               • A reasonable-equitable transportation enhancement program match
               • Allowance of bicycles on MARC trains

Bike Maryland represents hundreds of thousands of bicyclists and our newsletter is sent to over 20,000 Maryland bicyclists! We depend on bicyclists like YOU to continue our work making bicycling a healthy and more sustainable means of transportation and, of course, an all out fun recreational activity. are the Voice of Maryland's Bicyclists and much more!

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